Archmage of Morphuse

Pawel Wojtal

Pawel was born in the distant, misty mountains, where he lived alone with his mother, a powerful sorceress. From a young age he displayed extraordinary talent for magic and art. When he was 10 years old, he was sent to the Academy of Magic in the kingdom’s capital, where he quickly attained the rank of adept.

However, Pawel’s true calling was the art of creating magical images and illusions. At the age of 20 he left the Academy and established his own studio, calling himself the Archmage of Morphuse. Soon he gained fame as the greatest master of magical graphics in the entire kingdom.

The King summoned him to the palace to create magical paintings depicting the glorious victories of the army. Pawel produced works so realistic they seemed to come to life before the viewers’ eyes. From that point on he was the royal court artist.

Yet his greatest passion remained creating graphics for common folk – banners, emblems of craft guilds and coats of arms of noble houses. He devoted great care and patience to each client, producing unique, personalized masterpieces.

Thanks to his skill and benevolence, Pawel the Archmage of Morphuse was liked and respected by all inhabitants of the kingdom. His magic continued to amaze audiences, though many years had passed since he established his famous studio.